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Schools in Dingras

Dingras is a fast developing municipality in Ilocos Norte. Although this town is proud of their rich lands and skillful farmers, Dingras is not far behind other Philippine cities and municipalities when it comes to development in business technology, healthcare, and most especially in education.

There are numerous schools in Dingras catering to elementary, high school and college students. According to the latest record, Dingras has one university, three high schools, and about 22 elementary schools (private and public schools). Most of these institutions are public schools, which cater to the less fortunate children in this town.

Saint Joseph Institute

Saint Joseph Institute is the prominent private elementary and high school located situated at Barangay Madamba. It was founded in 1952 by Rev. Fr. Patricio Monis in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. Joseph. Majority of the town’s leaders had their education in this school. Yearly, Saint Joseph Institute holds a Grand Alumni Homecoming at the end of the week-long celebration of the Ani Festival.

Mariano Marcos State University

Previously, the Mariano Marcos State University only offers secondary education in Dingras. The university has revamped its Dingras campus recently and opened up their doors for college students. Mariano Marcos State University offers 4-year courses in Agriculture, Forestry and Medical Studies.

Lt. Edgar Foz Municipal Memorial High School

Aside from its quality education, the Lt. Edgar Foz Municipal Memorial High School is an academic institution in Dingras, which was named in memory of a young brave officer (Lt. Edgar C. Foz) who died for the love of freedom. This school has four annexes, which houses the classrooms for Dingras secondary education.

Dingras Faith Academy Inc.

Dingras Faith School is a private school situated in Poblacion. Aside from Saint Joseph’s Institute, this academy provides quality primary education for the children of Dingras. It is a respected primary school, which has produced countless graduates of elementary students over the years.

Here’s a complete list of educational institutions established in Dingras:


  •  Mariano Marcos State University (private)

High School

  •  Saint Joseph Institute (private)
  • Dingras National High School  / Lt. E. Foz Memorial National Highschool


  • Dingras Faith School (Private)
  • Bascil Elementary School
  • Barong Elementary School
  • Baresbes Elementary School
  • Capasan Public School
  • Dingras I Central School
  • Elizabeth-Lanas Elementary School
  • Francisco Elementary School
  • Mandalogue elementary School
  • Peralta Elementary School
  • San Esteban Public School
  • San Marcos-Sagpatan Elementary School
  • Sulquiano Elementary school
  • Ver Elementary School
  • Espiritu elementary School
  • Dingras West Central School
  • H. Salvatierra elementary school
  • Medina Parado Elementary School (Medina-Bangay Elementary School)
  • Saludares-Cali Elementary School
  • San Marcelino Elementary School
  • San Marcos-Sagpatan Elementary School-Bissang Annex
  • Suyo Elementary School
Ilocos Norte Philippines


Region- Ilocos Region I

Province- Ilocos Norte

District- 2nd District

Founded- 1598

Barangays- 31


Area Total- 96.00 km2
(37.1 sq mi)

Population (2007)

Total- 36,258

(978.2/sq mi)

Time zone-PST (UTC+8)

ZIP code-2913

Dialing code-077

Income class-3rd class; rural