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Legends The History of Dingras

Folklores, legends and myths are an integral part of any culture. These stories make each of us unique and distinct. It is an essential part of our cultural heritage, which defines us from our other Filipino brothers.

In the Philippines, there are numerous accounts of legends and folklores. Each region has its own legend, which has been passed down through word of mouth from one generation to another.

Origin of the name “Dingras

The legend of Dingras is a story of valiance and romance. It is a beautiful interesting story narrating of how the name Dingras evolved. Basically, the legend speaks of a gallant heir fighting for a lady’s love.

Long before, there are two prosperous barangays, which makes up the present site of Dingras. Each of these barangays is ruled by a datu (chief). The powerful leader of the barangay at the north side of the river is Datu Naaslag. The leader of the barangay at the south is Datu Allawigan. However, the datus were not in good terms. They were bitter and mortal enemies.

One day, Datu Allawigan went to hunt with his warriors, which includes Ras, his son. Ras is the bravest of the warriors. During the hunt, Ras spotted a deer and immediately followed the animal. The deer wandered off to the north side of the river and crossed it.

While he was watching the fleeing deer, Ras saw a beautiful lady gathering wild flowers on the opposite side of the river. The lady Ras saw was the daughter of Datu Naaslag. Her name is Ding. Ras wanted to make an impression to Ding and thought of a way to help her. He gathered the most beautiful flowers near him and tied them at the head of his arrow. He then shoots the arrow near Ding’s feet. Ding saw the flowers and looked at the other side of the river. She waved her hands at Ras.

Ras happily went back home to his father. He asked his father’s permission to win Ding for his wife. Being bitter enemies with Datu  Naaslag, the only way for him to win Ding is in battle. Ras lead his father’s warriors and fiercely fought for his love.

Ras and the warriors came out victorious. However, Datu Naaslag still refuses to grant Ras the permission to marry Ding. This angered Ras. He challenged the bravest of Naaslag’s warriors in a single combat. The challenge was accepted.

Ras came out victorious once more. He brought Ding home to his barangay and to Allawigan. They were married. Thus, the people named the two barangays Dingras, which is merging of the names “Ding” and “Ras”.

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Ilocos Norte Philippines


Region- Ilocos Region I

Province- Ilocos Norte

District- 2nd District

Founded- 1598

Barangays- 31


Area Total- 96.00 km2
(37.1 sq mi)

Population (2007)

Total- 36,258

(978.2/sq mi)

Time zone-PST (UTC+8)

ZIP code-2913

Dialing code-077

Income class-3rd class; rural